​We are pleased to announce that we were able to double the amount of money awarded in 2016 over 2015.  Seven students will receive funding this year thanks to the generosity of our community!  We honored our recipients at our Golf Outing on June 20th.

Our 2016 Scholarship Winners:

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L to R:  Caitlyn Burke, Emily Zitkovsky, Heather Multhaupt-Riley, Juliana Sanrame, Valerie Hsieh, Cassandra Chua

2015 Scholarships

2016 Scholarships

We are pleased to have been able to award four scholarships in 2015, our inaugural year.  Our winners are currently attending Harvard, Georgetown and Wellesley and we wish them much success.  

2017 Scholarships

​We are thrilled to have been able to award $13,500 this year.  Nine students will receive funding this year thanks to the generosity of our community!  Awardees were honored at their respective high school Award Nights and again at our tournament.

Our 2017 Scholarship Winners:​​

Caitlyn Burke – A softball player since she was old enough to play, Caitlyn has worked with LABBB students during her time at LHS.  This experience has led her to want to help people who in a hospital setting who cannot help themselves.  She begins that journey this fall at UMass Amherst.

Cassandra Chua – Spent the last 7 years practicing Kenpo Karate and is going to Boston University to pursue a career in pediatric oncology.

Justin Cooke – An LBYH alum, lacrosse, football and baseball player, Justin is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh and planning to seek a PhD to study nanotechnology applications that improve the well-being of those disadvantaged socio-economically.  

Emilia Fusco – An LBYH alum, a synchro skater, and high school volley baller is preparing to graduate UMass Amherst with a degree in Kinesiology. After which, she plans to pursue a Physician's Assistant degree so she can use her passion to help others live long, healthy lives.

Valerie Hsieh – Participates in varsity and club ultimate Frisbee and will be going to UC-Berkeley to focus on neurobiology with plans to practice medicine for Doctors Without Borders.

Juliana Sanrame – Runs track and will be going to Tulane to study neuroscience.  She is seeking to understand the underlying causes of mental illness.

Emily Zitkovsky – Since 2006, Emily has been diving for a Boston club team and she was on the LHS swimming and diving teams.  Emily will attend Brown University to begin the Program in Liberal Medical Education on her way to being a medical doctor.

Savannah En - Bedford HS - Savannah spent time teaching middle school students competition math and swam competitively providing leadership and support to her teammates.  In 10 years, Savannah wants to be doing something impactful and epic with math to help others.

Sonia Gullerkeri - Lexington HS -
Sonia will study biology or biomedical engineering to use technology to discover new disease pathways and then fight the disease using the new pathways.

Mitchell Heyda - Lexington HS -
Hockey taught Mitchell to stay determined as he prepares to begin studies in neurobiology to devise solutions to help people who suffer from depression.

​Nicole Kennedy - Bedford HS -
Nicole is alive in the softball community as a player and coach.  She helped found the first softball camp in Bedford to promote the sport and has been a youth softball coach for 5 years.  Nicole plans to use her interest in computer science and art to develop intuitive, easy to navigate user interfaces.

Mackenzie Martin - Lexington HS - Mackenzie spent 15-20 hours a week swimming and will continue to do so at Colgate while working on her studies toward biochemistry and economics degrees as she prepares for medical school. 

Olivia Morrissey - Bedford HS - Olivia is looking forward to having a doctorate in neuroscience and being an MD who helps her patients thrive despite an overwhelming diagnosis.  Sports have provided Olivia the opportunity to learn patience, cooperation with many personalities, how to work hard toward her goals, and staying graceful under pressure.

​Jessica Wang - Lexington HS - Jessica plans to use the skills she gained from being captain of an 80 member women's track team to save the planet from climate change.

Mykia Washington - Bedford HS - Mykia was a field hockey goalie who has taken away from sports an increased confidence that allows her to be outspoken.  She is looking forward to studying biomedical engineering to create technology that will improve lives.

​Alexandra Wolf - Lexington HS - Alexandra will be working diligently every day to get closer to her goal of improving global climate change by creating new agricultural methods for sustainable food production.