2020 Awards

Amy Agne is a repeat winner of the KJR scholarship, an alum of LBYH, and continues to study architecture at the University of Miami.  Amy is focused on learning skills to improve lives through environmentally-responsible design.

Marisa Boni plays point guard, which taught her lessons that prepare her well for studies in environmental science.  In addition to playing basketball, Marisa was a staff member at a basketball camp for children.  The experience she relayed about the importance of youth athletics to everyone reminded Heather a lot of Kent.

Cara Hughes has won our scholarship again as she prepares to finish her nursing degree at BC and plans to pursue a career in critical care.  As we know more than ever the importance of our Nurses, we are proud of being able to help Cara on her journey to becoming an essential part of our healthcare complex.

Dexter Kennedy is interested in robotics and artificial intelligence.  Dexter plans to spend his career applying his interest to develop products that make our lives safer and more efficient.

In addition to playing softball and basketball, Meggie Murphy is a former LBYH player.  She will attend Tufts in the fall to study neuroscience and cognitive brain science and ultimately pursue a career in a mental health field.  Her ambition is to pursue a career in mental health research and its integration with athletic performance.

Isabella Stuzynski is another former LBYH player who also played lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, was on a diving team and a gymnast.  Isabella is attending Saint Anselm college in the fall to pursue a degree in Nursing and eventually become a Physician's Assistant.

Rachel Weinberg was the coxswain for the Community Rowing varsity boys team for four years.  Rachel is attending Tufts to study Chemical Engineering and eventually work to make people's lives better.