2021 Awards

Annabel Cincotta - Is a three season athlete, including ice hockey and she’s played for LBYH since 2013.  Annabel will attend Wesleyan University as a pre-med student to begin her journey to being an emergency room physician with a focus on neuroscience to ensure the Total patient is cared for.

Maya Driscoll - In seventh grade, Maya built a toothpick bridge that broke the school record for how much it could hold.  She also enjoys math and is interested in medicine.  Maya plans to combine her interest and skills and pursue biomedical engineering where she wants to design devices to aid in the healing of athletics-related injuries.

Brian Gillis - Also an LBYH alum, Brian is currently at Purdue pursuing a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in computer science in the pursuit of creating and expanding renewable energy sources.  Brian brings with him a mature appreciation of responsibility and accountability he developed playing ice hockey.

Brendon Gillis - Exemplifying ice hockey as a sport for life, Brendon started playing for LBYH in 2005 and he played for the Purdue Club team during the 2018-19 season.  Brendon plans to pursue a masters degree in computer engineering and plans to specialize in deep-learning neural networks and applied AI models with the goal of making a lasting impact on society.

Aleia Gisolfi-McCready - Has always wanted to become a doctor, she is undecided about which speciality she will pursue, but she has decided her key focus area is to bring equality to healthcare.  

Jocelyn Hsieh - Mentoring younger Ultimate Frisbee teammates, Jocelyn applied her leadership and empathy skills to demonstrate that mistakes are a part of learning and there is no good reason to say “I’m sorry” when mistakes happen and instead to focus on every bit of progress.  Jocelyn plans to become a primary care physician and improve American healthcare.

Linda Kebichi - Is pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering where she can apply her interests in chemistry, biology, robotics, and social causes to work toward ensuring the health and longevity of people everywhere and our planet.