2018 Awards

Amy Agne - Lexington HS - Amy seems to have been involved in all youth athletics including LBYH.  Amy will be attending the University of Miami and is planning a career in architecture to improve the communities in which we live.

Melissa Driscoll - Bedford HS - We are happy to provide Melissa support as she pursues her degree at UMass Amherst in biology, social justice and eventually works toward becoming a pediatrician.

Matan Gans - Lexington HS - Matan is a sincere and thoughtful young man who also has played many sports. He plans to study neuroscience as an undergrad and then become a doctor and a researcher.  We wish him well at Brown University.

Brendan Gillis - Lexington HS - Brendan's application stood out to our committee in that he reminded them of Kent in his matter of fact, easy going writing style and his recommendation articulated a balanced and focused young man also much like Kent.  Brendan is Purdue bound to study Aerospace Engineering and is also an LBYH alum.

Cara Hughes - Boston College - ​Cara is majoring in nursing at BC.  Her coach confirmed she is a hard worker and leads by example.  She currently expects to pursue her nursing career focused on children.

Maxwell Khozozian - Lexington HS - Maxwell is our third LBYH winner this year.  In addition to hockey, he also played football and baseball.  Maxwell will study Biology at University of Pennsylvania also on the pre-med track.

Mackenzie Martin - Colgate University - Mackenzie is our first repeat winner of the KJR scholarship and her personal essay was inspiring.  While she pursues a path to medical school, she devotes time and energy to the areas of healthcare that are important to her - namely, studying the effects of mistrust in the healthcare system. 

Odysseas Mortan - Lexington HS - Odysseas also played youth hockey for LBYH.  Since he was very young, he has wanted to pursue science.  Starting in the fall, he will begin his study of chemistry at Williams, expecting to eventually earn his PhD.

​Farrell O'Shaughnessy - Bedford HS - Farrell is taking her youth sport to the collegiate level and will be working on her degree in physical therapy beginning this fall.

Orin Rozenberg - Lexington HS - Orin's application stood out to us in three areas: she is already helping, she has a great recommendation proving she is already making an impact on others, and she seems to be humble and kind.  Orin is also planning a career in medicine and will attend UMass Amherst.​