2019 Awards

Elias Forey - Bedford HS - Elias' answers to our essay questions were impressive as we appreciated his appreciation for being coachable, punctual and reliable.  We wish him continued success in his journey through an engineering education at University of Texas.

Kevin Chen- Lexington HS - Coincidentally planning to attend Kent and Heather's alma mater (University of Michigan) to study engineering or computer science or information science and who learned firsthand the importance of communication from his soccer coach.

Elizabeth Geldart - Lexington HS - Ellie told us how hockey taught her how to adapt to find solutions and we are all hoping she finds novel solutions to several health related problems as she pursues her biomedical engineering degree at UMass Amherst.

​Paola Kefallinos - Lexington HS - Paola plans to pursue a degree in engineering from Northeastern after her physics class made her want to know the speed at which the puck hit the glass and who was so tenacious that she went from sitting the bench to consistently playing the 1st and 2nd line on her high school hockey team in two years.

Maria Galvan - Lexington HS - Maria has been playing volleyball since elementary school and is planning to pursue a degree in environmental engineering from Umass Lowell where she expects to use her love of math and graphic design with her leadership skills gained on the volleyball court to improve the environment for many. 

Piper Schneider - Lexington HS - Piper has been practicing karate since she was 6 where she has blossomed into a great role model and embodies the 8 virtues of a Black Belt.  After studying neuroscience and history at Colgate, Piper plans to go to medical school.

​Cara Hughes - Boston College - Cara is a nursing student at Boston College and a repeat winner, having been awarded in 2018 as well.